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Take Your Business Online
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Every business should have an online presence. And every day you and your business are not on The Web means money lost and missed opportunities for new business.

Having a Blog and/or website enhances your credibility. And NOT being on The Web detracts from your credibility.

But what we've found is that most people are put off by thinking it's too hard or too expensive—or both!

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Our subscribers have told us they need to have step-by-step guidance. Otherwise, they procrastinate because they’re unsure of the next step.

So we created a simple guide to get you and your business on The Web quickly, inexpensively and with ease.

This is a practical, non-technical,
layperson’s guide. You do not need to
know FTP, HTML or any of that.

And we’re not giving you tons of choices that will slow your progress. We’ve laid it all out for you and show you exactly how to do what we do, based upon our years of experience.

In this concise, easy-to-follow guide, you will learn how to:

  Select a meaningful domain name
  Find and use domain name brainstorming tools
  Search for an available domain name
  Register your domain name
  Get your website hosting account
  Install a WordPress Blog
  Set up your Blog
  Publish content to your Blog
  Access other valuable resources

So why do you need a web presence
for you and your business?

Well, we believe any business today should have an online presence. At the very least, so someone can check you out before doing business with you. Without a Blog or a website, you are at a severe disadvantage. You’re missing out on new business, customers, credibility, brand and revenue. Let’s get you going—this week.

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“WOW! If I can do this, anyone can. This really IS
step-by-step. It's exactly what I needed.”

—CJ Jones

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“I have been a member for a long time. I have gotten so much benefit from all the rich information through the years.”

—Joci James

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In just a few moments, you can be learning how to get
your domain, host your website and everything you
need to create a credible online presence.

Including Free Distribution Rights
(you may sell as many as you like—and keep all the proceeds—or
give away as a bonus when selling one of your products)
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PS: Isn't it time you got on The Web? Now you can do it with ease and confidence. 

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